Sunday, November 23, 2008

UNT!TLED; bff.

lately i have been doing a lot of thinking and i feel its time i go and re-evaluate some "relationships" and people in my life. it's like im at a point in my life where i know so many people, yet most of the time feel so alone. i could count the number of people who whole-heartily care about me on one hand; & that's including my family. i am surrounded by sum great people in my life but most of the time everyone is so caught up in their own worlds they forget the simple things or people in their lifes. i'm the type of person who doesn't let people in very easily, but once you are in i expect you to be there; or at least act like you care at times. there's some people who claim to be "this" - or claim to be "that" but where are you really at?? i don't need or want any part time friends in my life. with that being said, i wanna thank you BFF for always being there. No matter what. You have always held me down and stuck by my side no matter what. Just like all BFF's we may have a disagreement here or there but nothing or nobody has ever or will ever break us. i couldn't do it without you in this cold harsh world. so with that being said i'm gonna go into low-key mode. it's just me and you BFF. love you.


Jervis said... i been told MILLIONS of times,some people are like seasons they come and go. dont depend on people to ALWAYS be there, have your doubts. But until then,keep ya head up,and keep appreciating the ones who are there

Ashley Outrageous said...

ohh def. love that blog! i love my bff too! that is my ride or die/ otherhalf for life! 10yrs & counting .. .

TeiaR1984 said...

This is really sweet!! u deserve good people in ur life!!

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