Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BB StoRM;.

It's finally almost here!! Yay!! For you Blackberry fans!! The first touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone will go on sale in the US November 21st!

The phone comes pre-loaded with consumer-friendly applications such as Google mail and maps, Yahoo's Flickr photo-sharing service and a specially adapted version of social network Facebook. And if you are already a BB user you know about all the other features you can add to it!

The BlackBerry Storm's touch screen indents slightly when it is pressed, and keys on the on-screen keyboard light up when hovered over, reducing the potential for mis-typing that many users experience with touch-screen keyboards.

Will Blackberry measure up to the iPhone and G1 rival?? We will just have to wait til this Friday and find out! This is a def MUST HAVE for me!

Check out the website for more details and information.


Anonymous said...

Haha u make me laugh..ur like a sales person for items..
the way u try to sale it to people and talk about it! crazy girl =)

Excuse My Woman Powers said...

this is a nice ass phone. im going to get it today!

JuJu said...

[EMWP:] ahhh im jelly ;) i'll get it soon no worries!! let me know how you like it when you get it!!

ill;kinda said...

ahhhh that's only for Verizon tho ! :(
I have t-mobile and they aren't getting it until the very end of next year :(

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