Thursday, November 20, 2008

T Pain; Karaoke.

There's been lots of controversy over the whole "auto tune" on all the new hits lately. So leave it up to T Pain to make a song to officially dis all these other rappers so called swagger-jackin his style. He def gives props that he is not the original one to come out with this.. but he def made it what it is.

T Pain is now going as far to even say that other rappers should pay him royalties. He said Diddy did it, everyone else should follow. He states: "Diddy actually gave me royalties on this album just for using Auto-Tune. He signed the contract and everything. If I can do that with Diddy, somebody else better be signing something. It's Diddy. He didn't have to involve me at all. I'm writing and producing on his album, and he gave me extra royalties on top of that for using something I just brought back."

T Pain specifically dissed Ron Browz, saying he used the auto tune poorly. And especially dissing the new hit "Pop Champagne".

T Pain's latest album "Thr33 Ringz" came out last Tuesday and is debuted at #4 on Billboard albums sales chart. For those of you who are T Pain fans, make sure to go cop that. It def features a variety of guests and is featured to be more up-tempo songs than his last cd, which btw I loved!

Listen to both and judge for yourself..


Jervis said...

FUCK dat nigga

JuJu said...

hahahah why fckk that ni&&a??

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