Thursday, January 28, 2010

& the verdict is..

i am here to stay!

at least for a lil bit longer - turns out God must not be done with me here yet.. I went to an interview yesterday & was basically offered the job before I even got out the building! all this came out of no where too - which is why i feel it is truly meant to be. i was set on leaving. i was ready to leave. was already getting things in order to move back to texas - got called in to talk to this recruiter, went thinking maybe i could work a side job until i left for some extra money - she told me about this opportunity & asked me to interview for it.. so that's what i did yesterday!! when i left it was "90% confirmed" that the job was mine - but last night, i officially had the job offer! i really couldnt ask for much more in a company or position either - seems like everything i would want! unfortunately, it is a paycut, but i really feel like it will be worth it and pay off in the longterm.

on that note.

i still am not giving up on school! i have to go thru the probationary period before the job is officially permanent - so that gives me 90 days to prove myself and see if this is what i really want. & if it isnt - i can move back to Dallas this summer after bryson finishes school.. on top of that, gives me time to finish my dui classes. so then, from there, i can decide what to do about the job & if everything goes as planned go ahead and start night school! in the meantime i am going to go ahead and try to get my MUA (makeup artist) certification & do some advanced training that is being offered thru MAC.

i am not giving up on my dreams! i feel like everything will fall into place the way it is meant to be. & that sure seems like what is happening. AND since it looks like i am not going to be moving to Dallas as soon as i thought, i do believe a visit is in store - AllStar Weekend, whos down? :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


okay so i did it again, said i wasnt going to neglect you anymore - and i have! my deepest apologies.. things have been just crazy busy since my last post.. my job ended that i was working at, work was just real slow - kinda knew it was coming.. still wasn't the most happiest person in the world when i found out i was being laid off tho. i qualify for unemployment, but the state of california is so screwy what i would get for unemployment doesnt even make it worth it. i tried to get back enrolled in school too - but i really want to go fulltime if i do, and because my unemployment isnt even close to minimum wage -- that's not going to happen.

so as of today, i am at a crossroads.

i could go back to texas and go to school fulltime and have the support i need with my son - or should i give it more time to make something work in california? hmmm. i was pretty much set on going ahead and coming back to texas in order to better my life. i am more focused now, so would def have my head on strait and get what i need done in order to better myself and my life. but of course, things are never as easy as they seem. bryson is in the middle of a semester - and i have a few more months of my dui classes left. it would kinda suck to have to transfer all of that to a new state when i could just leave it behind here.

while pondering this decision..

i got a call yesterday! met with some people & have some more things to handle today. a wonderful opportunity has presented itself to me, now i have to see if it goes thru. i have prayed and prayed about this - not one way or another, but for God's way. whatever he has meant for me - will happen. i have 100 percent faith.

with that being said.. i will keep you posted - today is a big day for me!! :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

finally done!

whew, 10 days seemed like an enternity to complete this public work service.. but i finally finished!! I was put on "light duty" per medical orders because of my ankle for these past two days, but its all good - cus now i am done! Go JuJu!!!

::does happy dance::

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2blessed 2b Stressed

-sigh- okay so friday on i was hit like boom, boom, bang - just one thing after another.. friday bs at my job and that ended up being my last day - saturday me & bryson went for a hike that morning and i ended up stepping on a rock the wrong way when we were running down the mountain and fell and had to go to the ER :( sucked. spent the whole day there getting xrays and getting checked out ; thankfully just left in crutches with a bad ankle sprain.. but man that was a tuff day. sunday spend the day relaxing.. letting my mind soak up all the events that had just occured and getting prepared to take the world head on Monday morning ((& tryna fig out how i was going to complete my public work service in crutches - yikes)). Showed up that next morning tryna handle that and got sent away. Had to get some medical forms filled out and ended up getting put on medical light duty. Which works for me! Went back today to complete that day - and it was gravy baby! No complaints.. and 2mrw is my last day!!! Thank you Jesus! Never thought I would make it, slowly but surely I am!

BUT the best news EVER came today!!! Got an email from my grandma - and they got the results of her PETscan today and guess whhhaaaatt:


Mann God is so good! Wasn't too long ago they weren't even sure she was going to make it - and now she beat it, all of it!!! I am so proud of her! Never once did she give up.. she said she felt like God wasn't done with her yet and she was holding on and would beat this.. and she did. This was probably the best news I could have received. Ugh - I cried & cried and prayed & prayed about this, even my loved ones prayed about this.. and I tell ya what, the power of prayer is a wonderful thing!!

Despite all the bullshit that happened the past few days, you can't steal my shine right now. I am glowing for the world to see! 2010 WILL be a good year - I will make this a good year! Nobody and nothing is going to stop me - I am surrounding myself with nothing but positive people and positive thoughts & am ready to take over the world. With everything going on right now..
I am still 2blessed 2b Stressed!

Friday, January 8, 2010

TGiF, right?

Thank Goodness it's Friday... right? Dang this week has forever dragged yet flown by!! Have you ever had one of those weeks? Where it never ends w/ all the headache and hassle but time is always flying by before our eyes! That's been my week.

Let's recap - Monday I had to go complete another day of public work service as part of my probation for my DUI you all heard about several months ago before my long blogger break.. Tuesday work was hell, like usual here lately then I had boring ass DUI class that night.. Wednesday football practice for lil mann.. Thursday (yesterday) went out to a bar w/ some co-workers and watched the BCS Championship game. & WTF happened there?? Colt McCoy, you are a disappointment to me. Shipley, you gave it your heart I have no complaints. But over all regarding the game.. I was so sad. Texas came out strong and playing like they wanted it.. gave up - then came back and I thought they had it again.. and gave up again after that last fumble. Smh. That's all I can say in regards to that. "SMH SMH SMH" LOL. I was also supposed to be flying out to Dallas tonight for the Playoff game tomorrow.. But because of the crazy weather going on out in the MidWest/South I am going to wait and pass on this trip. There's also a little more to that story that has me irritated as eff right now, but I will decide if I wanna disclose that information later. lol

I still enjoyed myself last night, was nice to get out with some friends and watch some good football. Today for some reason I woke up irritated with the world tho!! Bullshit going on at my job has me about to scream.. ignorant people and their ignorance are pissing me off and a few personal matters are weighing heavy on my heart right now. Thought today was going to be a 'Happy Friday' - psshh. I gotta make that happen & snap outta this shhhht asap. Hmmmm. Happy Thoughts & Positive Thinking time :D Hope everyone has a blessed one & I will try to do the same!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

BCS Championship Game Tonight!

i'm soooo proud of my boys the texas longhorns for finally making it back to the bcs championship this year!!! let's hope they pull thru for a wonderful win tonight! it will def be a good game and i will be glued to the tv the whole time watching! anyone else gonna be watching this?? if so, who you cheering for & why? :) i can't wait.. the game will be tonight at 5pm PST - hook em horns!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new year - & guess what, IM BACK =)

so 2010 is bringing lots of changes for me and i am soooo excited about it, i decided what better way to start off the year then going back to my blog and sharing my life changes, excitement and my ups and downs with you guys! most of you have already been thru soooo much with me.. why should i shut u off when all the good shhhts about to happen, right? so that brings me to re-open my blog!! i kno, i kno - calm down the excitement! LOL jp! :)

i've missed you all - just was going thru a lot and had to take a break and focus on "me" for a while.. i know i probably lost half my followers with my long delay in being gone and not knowing if i was coming back or not.. but that's okay - i am willing to work for your attention back and hopefully gain even more followers!

i decided to revamp my blog - change it up a little bit.. its a new year right, gotta do things a lil different this time! stay tuned guys.. and thanks for always being there, looking forward to the many more memories to share with you all!

pS. if you havent posted anything w/in the past 5 months or so.. i'm removing you from the blogroll.. no hard feelings just tryna clean up and start fresh!

be back shortly!!

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