Thursday, January 28, 2010

& the verdict is..

i am here to stay!

at least for a lil bit longer - turns out God must not be done with me here yet.. I went to an interview yesterday & was basically offered the job before I even got out the building! all this came out of no where too - which is why i feel it is truly meant to be. i was set on leaving. i was ready to leave. was already getting things in order to move back to texas - got called in to talk to this recruiter, went thinking maybe i could work a side job until i left for some extra money - she told me about this opportunity & asked me to interview for it.. so that's what i did yesterday!! when i left it was "90% confirmed" that the job was mine - but last night, i officially had the job offer! i really couldnt ask for much more in a company or position either - seems like everything i would want! unfortunately, it is a paycut, but i really feel like it will be worth it and pay off in the longterm.

on that note.

i still am not giving up on school! i have to go thru the probationary period before the job is officially permanent - so that gives me 90 days to prove myself and see if this is what i really want. & if it isnt - i can move back to Dallas this summer after bryson finishes school.. on top of that, gives me time to finish my dui classes. so then, from there, i can decide what to do about the job & if everything goes as planned go ahead and start night school! in the meantime i am going to go ahead and try to get my MUA (makeup artist) certification & do some advanced training that is being offered thru MAC.

i am not giving up on my dreams! i feel like everything will fall into place the way it is meant to be. & that sure seems like what is happening. AND since it looks like i am not going to be moving to Dallas as soon as i thought, i do believe a visit is in store - AllStar Weekend, whos down? :)

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