Friday, January 8, 2010

TGiF, right?

Thank Goodness it's Friday... right? Dang this week has forever dragged yet flown by!! Have you ever had one of those weeks? Where it never ends w/ all the headache and hassle but time is always flying by before our eyes! That's been my week.

Let's recap - Monday I had to go complete another day of public work service as part of my probation for my DUI you all heard about several months ago before my long blogger break.. Tuesday work was hell, like usual here lately then I had boring ass DUI class that night.. Wednesday football practice for lil mann.. Thursday (yesterday) went out to a bar w/ some co-workers and watched the BCS Championship game. & WTF happened there?? Colt McCoy, you are a disappointment to me. Shipley, you gave it your heart I have no complaints. But over all regarding the game.. I was so sad. Texas came out strong and playing like they wanted it.. gave up - then came back and I thought they had it again.. and gave up again after that last fumble. Smh. That's all I can say in regards to that. "SMH SMH SMH" LOL. I was also supposed to be flying out to Dallas tonight for the Playoff game tomorrow.. But because of the crazy weather going on out in the MidWest/South I am going to wait and pass on this trip. There's also a little more to that story that has me irritated as eff right now, but I will decide if I wanna disclose that information later. lol

I still enjoyed myself last night, was nice to get out with some friends and watch some good football. Today for some reason I woke up irritated with the world tho!! Bullshit going on at my job has me about to scream.. ignorant people and their ignorance are pissing me off and a few personal matters are weighing heavy on my heart right now. Thought today was going to be a 'Happy Friday' - psshh. I gotta make that happen & snap outta this shhhht asap. Hmmmm. Happy Thoughts & Positive Thinking time :D Hope everyone has a blessed one & I will try to do the same!

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