Thursday, January 7, 2010

BCS Championship Game Tonight!

i'm soooo proud of my boys the texas longhorns for finally making it back to the bcs championship this year!!! let's hope they pull thru for a wonderful win tonight! it will def be a good game and i will be glued to the tv the whole time watching! anyone else gonna be watching this?? if so, who you cheering for & why? :) i can't wait.. the game will be tonight at 5pm PST - hook em horns!!


Anonymous said...

You KNOW I'm rooting for anyone BUT the horns. I am still getting over the last Rose Bowl game they were in. :(

JuJu said...

awhhh - hahaha.. well all i can say is: "go texas!" :) lol

Nicole said...

hehehe, oh yeah, that was from your wifey! didn't know how to use this stuff yet. i'm learning!

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