Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new year - & guess what, IM BACK =)

so 2010 is bringing lots of changes for me and i am soooo excited about it, i decided what better way to start off the year then going back to my blog and sharing my life changes, excitement and my ups and downs with you guys! most of you have already been thru soooo much with me.. why should i shut u off when all the good shhhts about to happen, right? so that brings me to re-open my blog!! i kno, i kno - calm down the excitement! LOL jp! :)

i've missed you all - just was going thru a lot and had to take a break and focus on "me" for a while.. i know i probably lost half my followers with my long delay in being gone and not knowing if i was coming back or not.. but that's okay - i am willing to work for your attention back and hopefully gain even more followers!

i decided to revamp my blog - change it up a little bit.. its a new year right, gotta do things a lil different this time! stay tuned guys.. and thanks for always being there, looking forward to the many more memories to share with you all!

pS. if you havent posted anything w/in the past 5 months or so.. i'm removing you from the blogroll.. no hard feelings just tryna clean up and start fresh!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Welcome back!!

Athena Christine. said...

yay! :)

JuJu said...

thank you loves!!!!! love you both dearly!

Rai said...

Welcome back! I hope all is well. =D

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