Thursday, November 13, 2008


"It;s amazing to me homie
that ni&&as you fcck wit dawg
you don;t know the truth about these ni&&as
till yall fall out. The more you show a ni&&a
the more dangerous he become to you homie."

..obviously i kept it too real..

lesson learned.


ann said...

Your followings are really growing...Nanna

Anjl Marie said...


JuJu said...


Ran said...

Haha!!! I love it!! So true, so true!! You have a nice blog here momma. Thanks 4 visiting mine;o)

taimarie said...

yelp yelp! b*tchaazz's thrive on people they want to be!They try to wreck what the don't and may never have! SO they get in close hoping to be more like you and to learn alittle something and then when the realize the task is impossible they do the only thing they can do and try to bring you down to they level!
Stupid hoes..haha

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