Monday, November 24, 2008

my reflection.

its like im looking in the mirror and all i see is a reflection of myself.
but smaller and younger.
your attitude is a carbon copy of mine.
your facial expressions mock mine to a 't'.
you have a connection to my inner thoughts that amazes me.
i never would have imagined i could have done it.
but i have.
and will continue to do so to the best of my ability.
for you are a creature of me, that relfects me and embodies me.
you are and always will be, my lil angel; "BB".


Ashley Outrageous said...

omfg hes way too adorable!

Anonymous said...

Dope blog!!!

Jervis said...

yurr son???

JuJu said...

[a0:] & [angel:] THANK YOU!!! =)

[jervis:] haha YEP that's all me right there!

Ran said...

AWWW, he's a cutie!!! Thanks for the words of wisdom!! Its nice to know someone has been through what I'm going through and can offer some insight to the situation.

And that jumpsuit I believe its either Applebottoms or House of Dereon?? I'll double check that tho!?!lol

Nellz said...

ur very pretty and he is a cute!! I feel the same way about my a nigga wanting to write a blog about her now...awwww xoxoxoxoox

Omie said...

ii cant wait to have kids.. ii c pics of nellz's lil angel nisey all that time and ii get so emotional.. =] my time will come soon. then ii can one day join in and post pics too =]

Anonymous said...

Soo love it and I love you!!
ya'll are soo cute..and hes soo crazy!!!

ann said...

and thats a big "amen?

Anonymous said...

awww mama that's sooo cuuute !!
and one hot sexy mama gave birth to one gorgeous son..aww your soo blessed <3

JuJu said...

[ran:] no prob!! anytime u need it i'm here hehe.. and yes girl let me kno cus it is too fly! haha.

[nellz:] thanks ma!! yes do that cus i love reading ur blogs nd writings nd she is too precious!

[omie:] awhh yes it is a blessing nd i agree nellz lil girl is too cute too!! cnt wait for u to one day post the pics too! heh

[teia:] love u too ma!!

[laalaa:] *blushing* well you kno i try.. hehehe thank ya!! ;)

Anjl Marie said...


JuJu said...

[anjl:] awwh *tear. love u too ma!

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