Thursday, November 20, 2008

1.99?? word!!

i damn near had a wreck on my way home today!! i was driving down the road and in the corner of my eye i caught a gas station that had some 1.99 gas!! it's still almost 2.30 by my job so to see gas 30 cents cheaper i was all on it!! i drove down a lil further and noticed another gas station at the same price and thought to myself.. YES that's what im talkin about! hahaha.. better fill up before they change their mind again and gas goes back up to almost 3 bucks!


Brothers Blog said...

LOL. That's funny because just yesterday I drove past 1.99 too. And was thinking the same thing. Then I was thinking should we bottle this stuff up in case they do decide to go back up to damn near $4/gal?

Nellz said...

wow I been seein that also....I love it

JuJu said...

[Brothers:] NO JOKE!! I was thinkin the same shzt!! haha.

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