Wednesday, December 24, 2008

mia; my apologies.

sorry i have been mia lately - life's been crazy. what was going to be a wonderful christmas is slowly turning into the worse christmas seasons ever. i truly believe i am the definition of murphy's law. what could go wrong; will go wrong. i have decided i am not meant to love or be loved. sorry i haven't been checking out the blogs lately or staying ontop of mine.. i promise to catch up later right now i jes need to take some time to reflect. happy holidays everyone.


Miss.Stefanie said...

"i have decided i am not meant to love or be loved. "

Bullshit Juju! We all meant to be loved and love! We just need to wait. God is making us wait because he has something great and amazing in store for us. Juju you're amazing! And if its any cancellation...when I go down to San Diego, you better show me a good time!

JuJu said...

[Miss. Stef:] awhh you kno i gotchu boo!! now hurry up and come down!! lol thanks for the kind words love!!

Jervis said...


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