Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jamie Foxx; Intuition.

This cd is def the bizness. I would def recommend if you didn't go cop this; you need to! Jamie Foxx never seems to disappoint me. Always coming with something new and fresh and inspirational.

Each track on Foxx’s third album, tells the story of a different woman. The boss-type gets her due on “She Got Her Own,” a slowed-down reworking of Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent.” On “Overdose,” he sings to the one whose affection is so elating, he cannot function without her. Love as a drug is certainly a trope seen before, but the rattling in Foxx’s vocals throughout the song sells his pain as if it were brand new. “Digital Girl” is an ode to the click-and-send girlfriend. ‘Ye is quick to dispel any embarrassment about using the Internet to meet chicks, saying, “it’s a new form of mackin’/Don’t be old fashion/update your passion.” “Just Like Me,” the first single and album’s opener has T.I. and Foxx trading quips about their girls’ (and their own) cheating hearts.

Personally I'm about plug in the ipod and jamm out while personally feeling "Why", "Slow", "Overdose" and "Love Brings Changes" which I have added as the first few songs to play on my page so def check it out if you haven't already!

01. Just Like Me - (featuring T.I.)
02. I Don't Need It - (featuring The-Dream & Kanye West)
03. Number One - (featuring Lil Wayne)
04. Digital Girl
05. Blame It - (featuring T-Pain)
06. She Got Her Own - (featuring Fabolous & Ne-Yo)
07. Intuition Interlude
08. I Don't Know
09. Weekend Lover
10. Why
11. Freak'in Me - (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)
12. Slow
13. Rainman
14. Overdose
15. Love Brings Change


Miss.Stefanie said...

The man is one sexy mofo!!!!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I like jamie's voice, I wil def be listening to this!

diplomatikk said...

love that superman songg :]

JuJu said...

yess; this cd is def the shxt.

Super Woman said...

Umm im not gonna lie i forgot he had an album that came out. That overdose joint u got on ya blog is the truth

i guess im listen to it

thanks for putting me on to this

Sairy said...

love love love him and his music!! overdose............MAN!!

Excuse My Woman Powers said...

i love the song just like me!

Rai said...

I enjoyed the album.
My favorite song on there is slow.

Cat Hill said...

Jamie is dat dude 4 this CD I luv it frm the the few songz I've heard especially OVERDOSE luvs it!!!

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