Friday, October 3, 2008

yupp.. think im in love..


There's never been any doubt what the world really needs, and it's finally here: a pink Hello Kitty notebook PC (Sanrio approved) complete with Swarovski crystals. According to an AP story at, the lucky manufacturer is NEC, and La Vie G Hello Kitty is available online only for 199,500 yen ($1,650) in Japan.

The key part of the spec is obviously that it has 299 Swarovski crystals, Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, 1GB of memory, 100GB hard drive.

It is being advertised as a laptop that's "dazzling and gorgeous like a jewelry box".


Anonymous said...

hella the blog ju....keep it up...


ann said...

You still love pink,don't you?Papa said we could buy you 2 of them.Really--------we can afford 2 just like we can afford one,hahaha.Love ya.....nanna

dauche said...

hoooootnessss !

Anonymous said...

I love it!! soo cute =)

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