Thursday, October 9, 2008

- Al Sharpton Convicted -

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Rev. Al Sharpton was convicted in New York yesterday of disorderly conduct during a May protest against a fatal police shooting.

Why cant ya protest in an orderly fashion???

Sean Bell was tragically, violently, unnecessarily gunned down by police on his wedding day. The cops who killed him were found innocent. And, in response, more than 250 protesters gathered, blocking bridges, tunnels and intersections.

Sharpton and several others were arrested at the time. Most of the cases were dismissed, however Sharpton and his co-defendants insisted on a trial.

Criminal Court Judge Larry Stephen delivered the verdict Wednesday, and Sharpton, along with seven others have been sentenced to time served.

Sharpton's already served 5 1/2 hours in jail. Earlier in the trail he testified that the protests were peaceful, intending to stop violence, not start it.


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