Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Politics. From a 6y olds standPoint.

So me and Bryson were leaving the store today, and out of no where he gets a real concerned look on his face and asks me "Mommy, who are you voting for President? Are you going to vote for Obama?" I said yes, actually I am. With a slight chuckle that my 6yr old is asking me this question. I then asked him why he wanted to know. He said he was just curious and wanted to make sure I was voting for Obama because he was. ((ummm okk not sure how that's gonna work, but okay.. lol)) He said he wanted change. This struck my curiosity so I started asking questions and why he was voting for change. He simply stating he wanted change. Now, really amused I asked him what he wanted to change??? He said he wanted Obama to change things so he could go swimming everyday and he wanted more money. Okk Bry, I feel ya on the money part but swimming?? LOL I believe that's a lil out of Obama's jurisdiction. Hah. So I went into a few details about what the President can or can't do for us and he nodded his head like he understand. I'm still amazed I am discussing politics with my 6yr old. I think when I was 6 the only thing I was worried about was what to dress my Barbie's in for that day. LOL. Never to early to start huh? Go Bryson! Go Obama! Go Change!


~Kels~ said...

Awww this put a big smile on my face. I can just see bry with his curious self!! Girl he is growing into a man so quick and you raised him well. He has a good head on his shoulders and i cant wait to see what he becomes cuz i know that lil boy has got a bright future ahead of him!! Hell he might even become the next president..give him a big ol hug from me!! miss yall;)

TeiaR1984 said...

Omg this is soo cool..he is soo smart..and He will prolly be the next president!!
allkids here now days are about politics..so it doesnt surprise me he knows a lil about it..They grow up soo fast!! and u should be soo proud very smart boy!! ily =)

ann said...

He's so smart because he takes after his MOM.He is.....growing up,isn't he?...Ann

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