Tuesday, October 7, 2008

KuDoS for KiCKBoXiNG!

Last night I drug Gaby to the gym with me to workout!! I'm staying motivated and helping her to get motivated ;) hehe.. we were both hella stressed out and had tons on our mind so I figured what better way to go relieve some stress than go work it out! We started off doing weights.. then went and did an ab class.. wewh.. that kicked our butt. BUT we still weren't done! Decided to take a kickboxing class after that! We LOVED it!! The guy teaching it was awesome and you did not stop moving once during the whole HOUR LONG CLASS! it worked every part of your body plus gave us some good ass-whooping skills!! haha.. The class finished up by doing an ab workout to a Ying Yang song which was hilarious but a great workout. We left the gym feeling soo much better and decided to go home and finish it off with a pilates workout for our upper body. Psshh.. don't even sleep on us..


Anonymous said...

Goshly thats alot of dang workin out!! YA'LL GOO!!

dauche said...

awww shxt; i might have to come join in on the kick boxing class. i loovee boxing; i used to do sessions with my boy and feel 100% better after, it is a big stress reliever. when working out and start feeling good i workout for a loonnggg ass time too; i mean you just be feelin yoself. haha. where was this 24? because if so i've got a pass & im down for the next run. lol sign me up !

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