Monday, January 5, 2009

UNT!TLED; butterfly.

i've always somewhat envied the life of a butterfly. they start their life one way and blossom into something beautiful; a new creature that everyone loves to love. this creature begins their life as a awkward caterpillar, then has a spectacular metamorphosis into a familiar and colourful winged adult form. i believe we all somewhat go thru a metamorphosis as we enter our adulthood. how much or to what extreme varies to each person. some people go thru life and look back and wonder where it went; and wonder "what if". a good friend said to me the other day that we are in our prime. enjoy life to the fullest right now cus you don't want to look back when you are 40 and realize you literally had the life; but didn't live it.

i've been thru so much in my time and i want to thank each and every person that has entered my life; whether you are still in it or not. each person serves a purpose, a somewhat stepping stone to your next phase in life. i truly am blessed to have met such wonderful people in my life.

but now it is time for me to turn into my own "butterfly". the year has just begun; yet has already brought so many changes and will continue to bring even more. i am stepping out of my shell and going to transfer even more into this beautiful person. i am eliminating negative friends and energy in my life and focusing on my relationship with God. My son always has; and always will come first in life. I am going to enjoy life to the fullest and everything it has to offer; i don't want to be that person looking back still as a "caterpillar" because i never let my life fully blossom into what it could be. so stay tuned everyone as i transfer into this beautiful, wonderful creature.. this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey and metamorphosis =]


Miss.Stefanie said...

Fly baby, fly!

Ran said...

Ju momma I LOVE this!!! This hit on so many levels of how I feel about 2009. Using the butterfly example was great!!

I myself am letting go and moving on as well. 2009 and beyond has alot in store for me and all those around me as well. Incuding my blog fam.

I just keep everyone in my prayers and well wishes. I know 2009 is gonna rock for everybody so i'm looking forward to all the great, happy, funny, and exciting posts!!!lol

Hugs & Kisses!!

Brothers Blog said...

your friend is so right. You must live each day to the fullest. And your new attitude seems perfect and sure it will bring you all that you're looking for in 2009.

Jervis said...

even though you're already a butterfly in sense of beauty, I can't wait till u turn into one metaphorically

Anjl Marie said...


Anonymous said...

mama; i love the wayy how you appreciate and know how things really are with your life and what you gotta do next. you got a positive outlook i can't help but admire to the fullest. i'm just loving that i entered into your 'blog family' :] and will always be here for you to talk too and am def looking forward to seeing you blossom even more into the strong beautiful woman you are <3

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful..and I'm happy for you to live for your self and of course ur son!! but stand up for ur self and Have the time of ur life!! love you!

Craigjc said...

Much success on your journey. Love the blog.

Check us out, sometime.

JuJu said...

[Miss. Stef:] and you kno this ma!

[Ran:] thank you mamas - this is def how i feel for 09; time for big changes and i am so excited and ready for them!

[BB:] my new attitude is def long past due.. better late than never i say ;)

[jervis:] awwh u are always too sweet!

[anJL:] trust me i do love. glad to know others see it as well. but trust; this is only the beginning!

[LaaLaa:] awh i love you mamas! and am so glad you entered my blog family as well! i feel like we've been personal bff's forever! hahah.

[teia:] will do! thanks boo!

[craigjc:] most def - gonna check it out now; good looking out!!

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