Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1-20 Thought For The Day:

"You Gotta Hurt In Order To Know,

Fall In Order To Grow,

Lose In Order To Gain,

Most Of Life's Lessons Are Learned Cause Of Pain."

TrueStory right there. dammn. *tear.

Comes from the wonderful LaaLaa;
it just hit "on point" for me so I had to steal it!! x0x0. Love you mamas!!!


Miss.Stefanie said...

LaaLaa is my wifey.

JKisz said...

this is oh so very true.

JuJu said...

ohhh idk abt that stef; we may have to share her ;) hehe.

Athena Christine. said...

awe. ;]

Ashley Outrageous said...


Anonymous said...

*hugs* aww I'm glad you feel the same way I do JuJu.

&& both you and stef are my bestie wifeys <3

JuJu said...

yes; love both my wifeys too - well nellz is my other wifey as well.. hehe. im such a blog whore. :p

nikkiblanco said...

i love your "thought for the day"... all of them!!!

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