Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pilates KiCKS azz!!

So last night was my first night of being focused and trying to put my "plan" into action. Got home from work and made me and Bryson a small healthy lil dinner then got ready to head to the gym. Once I got there started off by doing some cardio, then worked on the "pooch", then weights, more "pooch" work (hah), and finished it off with running. I weighed myself afterwards just to get an estimate of what my weight was at the gym so I could be working on those figures during my journey and let's just say that scale was a few more pounds heavier than the one at home! LOL.. but I'm not gonna get discouraged! Gonna keep my weight loss goal at what it is right now for the first 2 weeks, then after that maybe shoot for a few more pounds! We shall see! I'm not tryna look too skinny now I think a lil meat on everyone is healthy ;) I definately left the gym feeling refreshed and even more motivated than when I started.

Since I was still pumped and ready to go, but the KidsZone closed at the gym so had to go cuz Bry was with us, we decided to stop by the store and I bought a Pilates DVD. When I got home I did the 10 minute ab workout and the 10 minute upper arm workout. Wewwhhh... 10 minutes doesn't seem like a long time but BOY o BOY was that a good lil workout!!! haha.. woke up this morning feeling sore (but in a good way) all in my arms!! My "pooch" still has more work to go so didn't feel it as much there.. but I def feel last night was a great start!!!

Back to the gym tonite.. and mucho THANKS to CeCe for going to the gym with me and keeping me PUMPED and ready to go!!!

Til next time...


ann said...

Pooch???????????????????What pooch.Brit,you're lovely.So many would kill to have your "pooch".love ya...Nanna

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