Saturday, April 4, 2009

love is..


Jillian said...

gotta love love :)

lots of times in love you get the test first then the lesson... :)

great thing about love is you can get it wrong 99/100 times...but that 1 time..makes all those other times just not even matter :)

*sending lots of love and good vibes to you*

Miss.Stefanie said...

Love is for losers! Hahaha

Rai said...

OMG! I have a post about this, but yet to post it. =/

Love is confusing. BLAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Love is a risk that we all should take :)

Rai said...

hey, I tagged you for an award on my blog-check it out!

Athena Christine. said...

fck love right now! lol. im too G for all that.

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