Thursday, April 9, 2009

book club; who's interested?!

so me and dauche have decided to start a book club :) yay!!!

the first book we are going to start on is "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" by Steve Harvey.

we will have more information to follow soon but wanted to see who was interested? for those of you in the area, we will get together after reading the book - discuss it; what did we like, didnt like, etc.. and those who are our long distant bloggers we will prob do a recap on blogger; then choose another book.

it should be fun and will def bring us girls together!

so who's down?? feel free to hit up me or dauche for more information in the meantime!

**pS - the book club is open to EVERYONE even if you aren't in the area; we decided we are gonna vlog about the books and meetings to keep everyone updated and informed and then for the ones who can't make meetings just post an update on your blog with your views and expressions regarding the book on your blog page! :)


Miss.Stefanie said...

You know I am in!!!!

Milly said...

sounds good..too bad I'm not in that area

JuJu said...

well for those not in the area; we are gonna do vlog's about it - and you can blog your thoughts about it at the end when we recap :)

Teesha said...

sounds like a good idea ! i'll give it a try =]

Athena Christine. said...

yay cool. as soon as my mom reads her book ima read it.

lex. said...

i'm definitely down for this!

Super Woman said...

Ju Juuu!!

Sounds good, but i already (tried) to read that book. I didnt like it LOL

Honestly he talks a bunch of confusing really stupid shit in the book.

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