Thursday, March 12, 2009

TLC; Silly Hoe


i aint never been no silly bitch; waiting to get rich
from a ni&&a's bank account
i have always had my own things; bought my own rings
not gonna let you catch me out
you should take a lesson from me; i aint the one to be
depending on someone else
i can run a scam before he can; better than a man
i always keep my game on this


Athena Christine. said...

omg this is my shit. i loveeeee the album. now i gotta find this cd!!!! brings back memories. LOL. my uncle lew bought me the album.

Miss.Stefanie said...

I still love TLC!!

diplomatikk said...

i used to jam to this shit alll the time, i got all the tlc cd's lol.

good throwbackk.

Rai said...

That was my song.

Milly said...

hahaa that was my jam! I still rock to that cd too

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