Thursday, July 2, 2009


i have never really felt so alone in my life. which is ironic becus i am a loner and usually do things on my own.. never had much family around ; always just kinda did for myself. but lately i have felt so alone. so sad. so lost & confused. as you all know i have been going thru hell and back lately. each day i think ; "its gotta be better today" & then something else happens. it doesnt stop. seriously. & i am not writing this post cus i want pity or to hear "it'll get better" - i know this already. i just feel myself slowly sinking into a depression and hate it. i need a hug.. i just need things to be 'okay' in my life again.


AyeCee. said...

hugs! ily bff! and i promise..ima try to text u everyday again... lol. i've been m.i.a with everyone! *hugs*

Miss.Stefanie said...

Im here for you. Drive up and lemme give you a hug!

Breezi F said...

::air hug:: I know the feeling, I was there not too long ago and all you have to do is have faith and be strong missy!!!

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