Saturday, February 28, 2009


mann let me take a minute to speak on the subject "karma" again - it is a bitch. & if you think you can avoid it; baby you have another thing coming. what is done in the dark ALWAYS comes to the light homie - ALWAYS! now i see why you didnt want me and certain people becoming friends again! makes sense now! you aint nothing but a HOE and a TRICK and best believe you always going to be a miserable FUCK cus you go beyond and above to manipulate people and hurt the ones you PRETEND to care about. the people who are true and loyal in life will always come out on top; so meanwhile while i am getting my shit together why dont you stay the fuck out of my life and away from my friends and take care of that burning ass dick you got trick. cus like i said; karma is a bitch... in the meantime imma sit back and laugh at ya bitch ass.. hahahahaha.

disclaimer: okay i had to go back and add this; as much as i hate you ; at the same time i feel sorry for you. you will never have shit in life being a hateful bastard and the way you are. and i pray God has mercy on your soul on judgement day becus nothing good comes from evil - remember that and i seriously hope you change your ways before its too late in life.



Miss.Stefanie said...

Karma is my bestest friend. I usually dont have to do jack but watch her do her thang

Anonymous said...

I'm with Stef. She is a BADDDDDD BISH!!!!!!

And you brough back D.C. "So Good"?!? I love you, Ju!!!!!

Milly said...

Tell em how you really feel girl!

JKisz said...

my lawd. that's all i can say right now. shorty's gonna get what's comin to her.

Anonymous said...

Karma she's dangerous to those deserving of it.

Athena Christine. said...

Good for you Best Friend!! I totally argree with this blog 100%. Fuck that nigga. AND FUCK WHOEVER ELSE is fucking with my JuJu Beans! No matter what goes have my number mamas. Doesn't matter what time of day OR night...I'ma always be here for you! Oh yeah...FUCK THAT TRICK once more. ;] LOL.

Rai said...

That's true, what you do in the dark ALWAYS comes to the light.

smh. People actually don't believe that.

Super Woman said...

Yeah Karma is a bad bitch.

These girls running around calling them selves bad dont know what bad is until they met her

JuJu said...

[miss. stef:] & that's what im abt to do.

[reggie:] hell yea - "this is for the haters who said i wouldnt make it" & "wasnt it you who said that i didnt look too good" hah. had to take it back on they ass!

[milly:] psh; you already know!

[JKisz:] to *him - & on yess it will; please believe.

[laalaa:] very.

[bFF:] haaaha i freakin love you ma! x0x0.

[rai:] i kno right! but they will eventually learn, unfortunately usually the hard way! owell!

[superwoman:] mann you aint lying!

Jillian said...

you get what you give in life point blank...karma isn't a bitch...karma isn't good or bad...karma is merely a reflection of the seeds you are sowing in this world...

don't put anymore thoughts or negative energy into this juju need for any of that to leak anywhere near ya mami!!

did a little blog catch up, hope you are feeling better luv!!!

Tashia said...

Jillian is very right.
I know how you're feeling
though girlie. I had a grown
ass "WOMAN" in my life who
behaved exactly the same way.
So as you can see, age has
nothing to do with being a bitch.
If you're a bitch, then you're a bitch.

dauche said...

girl ! you already know what i think. lmfao ! smh; & that's allll immma say !

p.s. oh yes; karma is a bxtch.

JuJu said...

[jillian:] damn that is soooo true..

[tashia:] yupp

[dauche:] haaahahahaa lmfao; smh - you already know!

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